Wednesday, May 19, 2010

hoe-a-thon 2010

Rachel gave me the marvelous Idea of having a hoe-a-thon this year.  The hoe-a-thon is something from our time at Quail Hill Farm.  It consists of head lamps and hoeing through the night etc.  Pizza and beer are often required. 

Well, we are in need of a hoe-a-thon this year, so next week, on Tuesday (Wednesday if it rains and if it rains Wednesday it becomes a weed-a-ton) Jessyloo and I will be hoeing from 9-5 straight (OHF is only 4 acres, Quail Hill probably had 15 hoeable acres), we will be accepting donations of hoeing, i.e. you can come down and hoe with us that day.  If you are a late afternoon hoer with ID beer will be offered.

We are going to try to get a bit of a head start the next few days, but I assure you, you will have a chance to hoe, and put the Community back in Community Supported Ag.

Since our camera is still not working, here's a photo of Rachel and I practicing the art of hoeing from the aforementioned Quail Hill.  Oh how little has changed (we look a little bit younger now but . . .)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

NOFA-VT Farm Share

I'm sure alot of you know that NOFA-VT does alot of stuff around the state year-round to help farmers, but I would like to single out one that effects us pretty directly.  Every year around this time we get an application or two from NOFA for people who would like to get a farm share but can't afford one.  NOFA actually forwards me their handwritten application, which puts a human face on it, even before I meet the actual human face.

I suppose I identify with people who can't afford farm shares because part of why I started farming was to eat lots of healthy stuff without breaking the bank, and that is also why Open Heart tries to keep its share price reasonable.

I am also really impressed with how easy NOFA  makes this program for both the farmers and the customers.  This always seems like a barrier to entry for me with alot of programs that might finally be able to subsidize farm shares.  For a small farm (and I imagine a busy family who wants to eat healthy), too much bureaucracy can be hard to wade through, but the farm share program has been very easy.  The goal is that the customer pay 50% of the price, NOFA pays 25%, and we, the farm and hopefully its members who can afford to help, pay the other 25%.  Thus far our farm has never been able to get our end, but that hasn't stopped NOFA from being extra generous, so, yes, this is a little reminder that should you have a few extra bucks kicking around, NOFA has also made it super-easy to help fund other peoples veggies.  You can do it one of two ways, send them a check and just make sure it is labeled with our farm name, or send it directly to us.  The benefit of sending it to NOFA is that it is tax deductible.

On another note: If you are wondering where the pics are of all that is happening on the farm (which is alot), the cameras on the fritz, so . . .

Sunday, May 02, 2010

The Weather, Part Whatever

The weather seems to deerve some continued comment, as we were roughly 20 degrees over the norm today, and even had our first thunderstorm last night which Ciaran and I were happy to be caught in on our way home from the park.

I would say this, it definitely has psychological impact.  In talking to all the farmers down at the Intervale, everyone is on schedule as per where they were last year and where they are supposed to be this year, but we still all feel a little late, which I think is ok, cause that really means that we are all just fairly chomping at the bit to get more done.  I forget if I wrote last before or after the snow (everyone remember that), but I have checked and the snapdragons and poppies made it.  Next things I hope to see up are carrots, potatoes, and chard, and I will be putting out the leeks this week, seeding the summer squash and cukes.  Also, potting up of eggplant and peppers, all while friends and family are in town (which we are all super excited about).

As for where we are membership-wise we basically have about 15 possible slots left, which is on par with last year, still I'll be happy when they are all filled up, cause it means les time looking at the computer and more time tending to the plants.

So, in that spirit, one more link to the brochure