Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Expanding rhubarb and Asparagus patches

Easter seems miles behind us already but I couldn't resist putting this picture up.  For those who don't know this is Rachel and Ciaran, my better halves, at Callahan park at a . . . oh, you can probably figure that part out.  It was such a pretty day that day that I felt compelled to go out and mulch the garlic, which is long since finished and seems to be progressing well.

The rhubarb (the mulched thing pictured below) that I started from seed just last year also is doing really well, and looks like I am going to harvest some starting in about a week.  Very exciting and a convincing argument for doing it from seed and not from crowns.  So besides doing a ton more this year (the goal is about 200 feet of rhubarb), I am also filing in our asparagus bed with stuff from seed, which also germinated very well.  Since its been so warm and the rhubarb is ready even a little earlier than normal, I am going to try to get some to this years members.  As these patches become well established it makes the case for possibly starting the CSA a week earlier.

Other things in the ground are spinach, onions, chamomile, potatoes, peas, and napa.  Tomorrow out goes alot of brassicas (kale, broccolli, cauliflower etc.)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Weather: what does it mean for us? Part 2

On again off again, this is Vermont Spring.  Still, on average it's been alot more on again, and hence we are about a week ahead of where we were last year.  I just finished composting the fields today and I think I will be putting in potatoes and possibly peas on Saturday. Very Excited about both: the potatoes because I am using the perfecta, a new tractor implement, to prepare the beds, and it should make for much fluffier, i.e. less compact beds, and maintain the soil structure alot better than rototilling, which acts like a giant blender.  You can kinda see n this picture: the tines cultivate and aerate the soil, and then the back part smooths it all out.  So I hope will give those tubers the space to get giant.  The peas are exciting, because I am doubling the seeding rate, which I might have mentioned, so I'm kinda planing for a bumber crop, leaning a little heavier to the sugar snap varieties this year, though one other exciting addtion is the shelling pea.  I bought one pound of those, every year more and more people ask me if I have them.