Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Weather: what does it mean for us? Part 2

On again off again, this is Vermont Spring.  Still, on average it's been alot more on again, and hence we are about a week ahead of where we were last year.  I just finished composting the fields today and I think I will be putting in potatoes and possibly peas on Saturday. Very Excited about both: the potatoes because I am using the perfecta, a new tractor implement, to prepare the beds, and it should make for much fluffier, i.e. less compact beds, and maintain the soil structure alot better than rototilling, which acts like a giant blender.  You can kinda see n this picture: the tines cultivate and aerate the soil, and then the back part smooths it all out.  So I hope will give those tubers the space to get giant.  The peas are exciting, because I am doubling the seeding rate, which I might have mentioned, so I'm kinda planing for a bumber crop, leaning a little heavier to the sugar snap varieties this year, though one other exciting addtion is the shelling pea.  I bought one pound of those, every year more and more people ask me if I have them.


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