Friday, February 12, 2010

Stella Natura & Brochure Link

   This is always the time of year that I mention Stella Natura, the biodynamic calendar that I use to tell which days to start planting.  Well, this year, though the magic of internet I'll stick a picture of March at Open Heart Farm, at least half of March.

As you can make out, it has numerous columns, the phases of the moon being the obvious one, but then, to the left of that astrological signs, and to the right, the part that is most pertinent to me, orI should say the most easily decodable, is what plants are good to seed or work with on that day (actually, there are little blocks that break it down to the hour, with blacked out periods you might notice).  Not all veggies are totally intuitive, rhubarb and asparagus are causing me some consternation (yes, I am doing more of both from seed this year).  The pages above the calendar pages are essays by noted farmers and biodynamic workers in other fields, like Wendell Berry etc.  This year features one by Gunther Hauk that I am excited to read, he is a biodynamic bee keeper who lives in New York State, and from my limited experience talking to bee keepers biodynamics is to some degree successful in beating whatever that thing is that is killing the bees (slipping my brain at this hour).

In other exciting news our brochure for this year is up online, and if you would like to download it in pdf form click here.

More later, probably next time, from the greenhouse.


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