Monday, September 28, 2009


This recipe is adapted from Elongo Dev's (of Digger's Mirth) JFK sandwich. I have been craving one and we happen to be giving out many if not all of the farmy ingredients for it in this weeks share:

one baguette
wilt turnip greens in olive garlic and one chopped cayenne pepper (you can go hotter if so desired)
place that hot cooked green mixture onto the baguette which already has thinly sliced provolone and procuttio (sp) or hard salami. If you are not a meat person, add some strips of tofu in the early part of the garlic cayenne cooking and some sea salt.

I like simple recipes that I will actually make, and tunip greens are one of my favorite this time of year, especially as I am (we all are) getting sick of chard and kale. By the way, I totally forget or never knew how that sandwich got its name, so if you see

If you are looking for something fun to do with the turnips themselves, may I suggest Irish Stew, which I have been having a real hankering for as well.

Here are some pics from a little earlier in the season:

tomatoes at their height

sunflower from the kids garden (some things did manage to work there (I even found some acorn squash there last week)

Nick holding a heart shaped potato, does pitch fork farm find pitchfork shaped ones?


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