Sunday, June 07, 2009

kids garden and more

Our members are in full swing. when we arrived this afternoon there were a few picking flowers and herbs (the herbs remain weedy, but I think we have Hannah and working share members devoted to this task next week). So, new this year, a sign to help you actually get Chez Nous, it was done by Lee, a grad student who we worked with some last year. It looks wonderful and we are psyched to have a more permanent sign (don't worry, it wasn't us who cut down that tree it is attached to, thats a whole 'nother long blog post).

Here are said flowers. The cosmos are the only thing out yet, except for the one sunflower, which I see someone got (I'm very happy it seems like people are going to come down for some flowers this year because); we have a pretty large bed of zinnias on the way, along with some bachelor buttons, statuc and maybe globe amarant if they made it through the frost. In any case, this little rain should be speeding everything along.

Here we have Ciaran hard at work in the Childrens (or Kid's) Garden. Today he put in a few cherry tomato plants and some husk cherries (pictured below), which are a child pleaser, and a Josh pleaser, a nice sweet fruit, related to tomatillos (which we are also growing for the first time this year), which have a taste that I just cant describe, and look cool.


Blogger Lee said...

Yeah Open Heart Heart!

Saludos from the Dominican Republic!!

So glad the sign went up nicely. I delivered it in a frenzy the morning of my flight, ha.

Our vegetable garden is just about done down here on Finca Altagracia, although still plenty of lettuce the tomatoes died after what I hear was a good harvest last year.

Not to worry, we're now harvesting mangos, papaya, banana and coffee among other crops I've yet to identify. Ahh the beauty of the tropics. I look forward to returning in August to the remaining Vermont harvest.

Best, Lee

Neither nature nor people alone can produce human sustenance, but only the two together, culturally wedded.
- Wendell Berry

9:46 PM, June 13, 2009  
Anonymous Greenhouses said...

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10:29 AM, December 07, 2009  

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