Sunday, March 29, 2009

The photos I spoke of, the new van, Adam's Berry Card Update, and possibly more

So, I found my camera, and now you can see if my description of them at all matches the mental image you conjured up from my attempts at description:

The First Spring Rain
The Accidentally Well-Dried Peppers

And this is the new OH Van. It is not the traditional farmer model, and yes, it did come with an oriental rug and futon inside. I bought it so that we could expand our CSA and possibly Shelburne market. The Toyota that you see next to it was basically bursting at the seams every week. I can't help but mention that the Creampuff, as our mechanic calls it, saved our butts the past two years and was the generous gift of Shana and Seth, who since then are have had two babies, James & Zephyr. Thanks to you and any Haines' born in the future.

We have a bit more of a fleet than I ever would have guessed, but . . .

News about Adam's berry cards, they are going to go up in price, and I will have to retroactively refund or get a few bucks, this is mostly due to my eagerness to get the brochure out. Just wanted to let anyone who bought one or was thinking about it know, definitely a solvable problem.

Just reposting the link to the Brochure:

and rachel and ciaran with the last of the snow


Blogger WinooskiGirl said...

wow he is growing up!!! can't wait for the first pickup!

11:30 AM, April 03, 2009  

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