Wednesday, March 04, 2009

For those looking to a link to our CSA flyer, it is in the post below. We still have shares available.

So, this is what it looked like the day we started seeding in the greenhouse this year. I could pretend I'm surprised, but a quick look back at blog posts from previous seasons will show similar pictures. In fact, last year there were quite a few more inches. So far I have done about half of the alliums (leeks, onions, shallots). Things seem to be progressing smoothly, if slowly.

Looking back at the blog I saw that Spencer from Half Pint Farm found out that Johnny's is not in fact owned by Monsanto, which is good to know, and I'm happy to have the facts straight. They do still sell seminis seeds, which I think (now I'm realizing I'm not even sure of this) is owned by Monsanto, that is some, not all of there seeds. It should also be said for Johnny's that they have developed alot of award winning seeds through breeding, bright lights chard being an example of one that I use on the farm. Anyways, all to say that the relationships between these entities are probably not as black and white as I would have them be.

In other news, I just did my first winter sport ever today, cross country skiing. Uh, I fell alot, despite being on perfectly flat ground. But it was fun.

Have to include this one of Ciaran looking so grown up.


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