Thursday, January 29, 2009

Farming without a Computer

No, I don't use it to make furrows, I don't take it into the field to cultivate, not even to the green house as a thermometer, but, still near impossible to farm without it. How would I know, you ask. It's simple, our brand new hp went kablewy last weekend. It seems to be the hard-drive. Made by seagate, just to give everyone a heads up. So many many pictures are gone, and songs and even some hard data re the farm. It's also, as you probably know, extremely hard to get in touch with anyone today without one of these things. Certainly can't post a blog without it (uh, that may show how out of it i am blackberry crowd).

Well, Rachel has a labtop that I feel we've turned into a rube goldberg machine, with disc drives and printers, and well, do-hickeys with wires, sticking out every which way, on top of old computers parts. And amazingly, data has been recovered from hither and yon (or there are plans for same anyways) - enough that I've just finished this year's brochure, with a picture of fresh heirloom tomatoes, different sizes, shapes, pretty, ugly and all delicious, on the cover.

So, with that finished, I'll first send it to last year's members, then start getting it out to the rest of you as I walk around town with hard copies. I would link to it right here, but I don't think blogger does that. I guess that is the difference between a website and a blog. I think it will be up at the Intervale site soon (More computers!)

I'm pretty eager to get into the dirt, it's hardrive can't break.


Blogger mara said...

I was able to link to the CSA brochure fine - nice touch!

7:34 PM, February 17, 2009  
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