Saturday, April 26, 2008

All the News . . .

This week it seems like the farm started to take shape, I (with some help on Friday from Rebecca), put in trays and trays of plants, and directed seeded oodles of stuff, in preparation for all the rain we are going to be having. The dryness has been a problem for our starts, this time the flood has been working for us, the water table being high enough that the ground is kind of self-watering. And now as the temps go down it looks like we will get at least a little rain so I am pretty confident that we will have parsnips this year, though the official word won't be out for another two weeks (that is how long they take to germinate).

So long as I can get all these things covered up in the next day or two with remay, a fabric that keeps the plants about three or four degrees warmer (there is one night that has a low of 34 posted which is cutting it a little too close), we should be off to a nice start. This week of cold and clouds seems right up my alley: give me a chance to pot up tomatoes, maybe get the potatoes in the ground, compost the rest of the field, and finish mulching the garlic.

We are also getting closer to filling up the CSA. Which reminds me, besides helping some in the field, Rebecca has asked if she can gather recipes for the CSA to make it easier for us to distribute them to members, so that will be nice. Everyone was very appreciative of them the few times I managed to get it together last year.


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