Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Old, New

Last night we had some roasted roots, still tasting great. I was surprised how vital everything still looked. We also had daikon radish, which I have saved from the end of last year, with some chard (which we did buy at City Market.) We actually have had all winter a sizable store of roots, and last night it made me think that a winter share might not be that farm off for Open Heart Farm. At our new apartment (that is the new part, we moved to the New (oh, another new) North End March 1st, we even have a well heated basement for winter squash, which was one thing holding us back. The greens is the last peice of the puzzle, which would require a hoophouse, which, if you've been following the Intervale Story (I can't follow it all so you are excused if you can't (I think the short version is no hoophouses in floodplain, but even that might be wrong)) you know is not a sure thing. We have the money at least for a modest one, one that might supply 20 families, which would make year round living in Vermont much closer to affordable. As they say in Cote d'Ivoire, "On Va Voir!"*

It is true I have finally started the onions and in fact going in a few minutes to finish them up. Also close to purchasing the drip irrigation system (see below). Things move slowly, glacially you might say, this time of year. The trickle of members is still trickling.

* One will see! in French


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