Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy New Year, The Start of Seeds, and Inevatably More Ciaran

I always wait for the hew year to start the seed order. Sticking up the new calendar and a bit of the lengthening of days makes all those numbers and varieties make a little more sense. So far (about 1/4 through the seed order) this year seems to be about perfecting alot of what we liked about the past two years, and losing as much dross as possible. That said, it's hard not to go crazy seed buying, it's definitely the kid in the candy store mentality, I think most farmers feel that way. Some things I'm excited about so far are sempasoi, an asian collard that I think will be kinda flea beetle resistant, and red carrots (a heirloom variety called red cored chantenay), and a better yellow one (last years was just ok flavor and slow grower). Yes, someone out there is thinking "excitement" is too strong a word for these things, well then, I'm not going to tell you about the golden celery . . . ok, I will. I guess I'm feeling a little defensive about the golden celery, both because it's golden and because it's celery. Everyone thinks its so wierd when I show up for CSA drop off or market with celery. Is celery all the sudden an alien veg? - and then the golden part will make it truly wierd, but it is discribed as not being too strong, and now that I see a picture it's not totally yellow or anything.

I'm sure tomatoes will be a day unto itself, rachel and I really like to think that one through, and we have quite a few slots to play with as we are getting rid of about five or six varieties from last year, and will surely add one or two without really meaning to.

now on to the big stuff: Ciaran is edging ever closer to twelve pounds, and still looks cute as all get out. Below is some evidence . . .


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