Sunday, June 03, 2007


I was reading Half Pint Farm's Blog entry about making Dandelion Wine, looked and sounded so fun. If your interested in another Intervale Farm's goings-on, then check it out. We at open Heart have also been picking dandelions, but not the flower part, the leaves this time (of course the root is used too by some for medicinal tea). We were commissioned for a whole bunch of herbs by our friend Sheri, who owns the Pet Fairy, which truly does provide all around pet fairying, just ask our cat Jodi [I promise no more product placement, just happens alot of connections this week].

So, for Sheri, who is making what I believe are called Kongs, a dog toy, with much more natural products than are normally used, we collected fifty bunches of dandelion leaves and fifty bunches of stinging nettle (with gloves), and later this week will be delivering her some of our most plentiful chamomile (the more excuses to harvest it the better, there are already thousands of blossoms out). Later on we will be adding parsley and peppermint to the combination. I'm eager to see how it all comes out. I see a present for Smeems (the dog of Half Pint owners Mara and Spencer) in the future.

Oh, wild-crafting: that's what it's called when it just grows without you having to do anything. In a few weeks another of my favorite wild-crafting projects comes up: red clover which I will dry for tea, which people say of good for the cancer. I should note that we actually sold our first teas at market this week, under the name double happiness teas. Why another name besides open heart: cause I like naming things.


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