Monday, April 16, 2007

stuff going on

The commentor on the last post said it alot more succinctly than I did, thank you.

Just some notes on what's going on today - with the weather and all, you might wonder how OHF is affected. Overall, the answer is not too too much. By this time last year we had our onions out. and we're getting beets, napa cabbage, cauliflower, peas and potatoes ready to go in the ground. The onions have been outside for the past few nights hardening off (getting used to the temps and solidifying their root system), and today I put out a bunch more stuff, as its getting warmer, even warmer than was predicted 24 hours ago. So, in general, a week or week and a half behind, but this doesn't at all reflect on what will be ready June first. We could have a beautiful May, and end up with lots more nice stuff, and ready earlier, than last year. Remember, last year may was a bit cold and led up to the flood, which was maybe more demoralizing than destructive . . . but certainly it did slow down things like chard, killed some of our potatoes, and lots of cukes. So we're taking the wierd snow in stride.

Today, besides the lots of little business things that can be done on a day like this, I'm going to cut up our potatoes, and give them a chance to skin over a little, for planting hopefully early next week. As they say in french: On va voir!

OH, we have filled up our shares for the year. Healthy city may have a few shares left. But sadly any other Burlingtonians who wanted to be part of a CSA will have to wait for next year. The good news is that I think more farmers markets are opening in and around town (one on Wednesday near city hall maybe?), so you can still enjoy veggies grown right in your own city.


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