Wednesday, December 27, 2006

dad in bloggosphere

this is a shot of the bloggosphere and those are people's avatars - no, actually it is the tunnel of detroits airport, which I once ran through at my personal best mile time to make a flight, and on the way back dilly -dallied as long as I could cause I had a three hour lay-over.
But my Dad really does have a blog,
which I will just say in the periodic way I mention blogs that it is out there. I was surprised how much it looked like the Open Heart blog. He does seem to use the linking option a great deal more than I. but as you can see from the address it is essentially a blogspot blog.

On the way to said blog I found freestate org which I was convinced would be my dads site since it had the maryland flag, which is a coat of arms (I think they're still in service to the queen in that state), but it was some other more militaristic think tank, one that wouldn't maybe buy my dad's slogan "because ideas matter" cause they are gonna protect that thing with a hell of a lot more than ideas. Strangely, had a job opening in Vergennes, Vermont (not going to ask why in a state so far flung from maryland) . . . perhaps its not to late for me to get in on this Homeland Security thing.


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