Sunday, September 17, 2006

Viruses added to food?

Viruses added to food?

The FDA has approved the use of a viral spray to combat pathogens found in meat and poultry

That is the headline on yahoo! post the spinach scare. I think we all feel the question mark on that one. Kind of going into the void of making any sense of what we eat, making hard when it doesn't have to be. Rachel also showed me a picture from the Times of the "plant" where the spinach was manufactured. I can't help but look at it a little positively: it makes the walmartization of any food, organic or not a little less of a sure thing. Yes, there is certainly possible the result, like the title headline, that small farms will have to carry some burden that will pring from this, or that we should just outlaw spinach (i'm hereby copywriting that as a song title) in favor of a truly factory produced one or gene modified one that this terrible terrible thing could never happen to and kill your kids. or donch you care. But that evil scenario I've just painted doesn't seem likely in Vermont, and increasingly over the nation I think, where one can generally hit a farmers market two or three days of the week, or be part of a CSA even if you are in not the biggest population density center.

That said, there will certainly be the question of greens over the winter. For us in Burlington, Pete's greens is a pretty nice option, delivered to city market and such, tho certainly not as cheap as farming it or the CSA. Even in Vermont winter shares seem to be becoming possible, check out ICF. I know at Quail hill in Long Island we were able to have a nice steady supply even of salad greens . . . maybe canning Kale is an option, but at least that will last another month or two so perhaps I better go back to my sunday not worrying, next time some updated photos of the farm and it's travelling stand.


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