Tuesday, June 27, 2006


well yes, it's here - and we can't speak of consequences until they've made themselves known - yet, I will say we have had many ups and downs today and I am falling back on an old yogic proverb - well, let's wait and see

in other news, Josh and I watched some of Sarah Silverman's movie Jesus is Magic last night and laughed our assed off - almost as much as Eddie Izzard - ah, so bittersweet

I'm eating lovely Napa Cabbage from today's emergency harvest - so all you who haven't had it yet - come and get it (And pay fire sale prices)

Not to be dramatic -


Anonymous m#1 said...

So Rachie and Josh,
I'm so sad for you and for all the crops too wet or under water.
I just took a look at the weather forecast for Burlington and it is not encouraging.
Best to be as yogic as possible. (yogic must be a word cuz Rachie used it?)
There's always Granvue Drive

Re: the Parent Trap. I prefer the older one sooooo much over the newer one. Hayley Mills makes a very good camp brat.

11:57 AM, June 28, 2006  

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