Sunday, June 11, 2006

1st pick up

We have had the first pick up, and Rachel and I thought it went really well. It was invigorating to meet the people whom we are growing for. Perhaps next week Rachel and I will switch and each meet the other half, tho there are some logistic issues with our tent. Let me personally thank Kristin and Jeff for making their home so welcoming to me and the other members.

If you have any comments on how YOU thought it went, please feel free to make them on the blog, or write rachel and I at -

We saw the first sugar ann peas, so we are hopeful that we'll have enough for this week, though there is now no doubt that they will be ready in two weeks.

Can I say enough rain already? I know I talked with some people friday, and then it continued to rain, really quite a bit all saturday, to the point where we have seen a few cukes go under. But I have alot of faith in the compost tea that rachel is spraying, and think it likely that they can be revived, and that we can seed more cukes.

Today I staked the tomatos, while rachel was seeding some more greens and then together we thinned carrots, weeded some scallions, and Rachel planted some mullen, a plant often used as a poultice, and also supposed to be good for the compost tea (which if you don't know is a tub filled with mostly water, then a little compost, nettles, and anything else good around the field. Two weeks later, when it has brewed, we put it in the backpack sprayer, and away we go!


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