Sunday, May 21, 2006

The Flood

Before the Hysteria of the spectacle let me say a few practical things to members, though I don't know who besides the computer I'm asking to "let" - one member pointed out that I should remind all members to bring bags to pick ups, so that they can carry away their produce. Secondly, we are darn close to having filled our membership, probably have, given the checks in the mail, so Rachel and I are happy to be done with that. NOW, on to the Flood.

This image was taken by Lucky Ladies owner John Cleary, whose chickens are right beyond our farm. I hope he doesn't mind me using it,: believe it or not thats what rachel's and mine 1 and a half acres looks like. There is lettuce under there and spinach and peas and . . . well you've heard alot about all the other things. Some of those things were longer term (late season) others not. [let me take one moment to add that even talking about the flood is hard, and I'm tempted to read blanchot's book writing disaster rather than actually thinking about it - and on the flip side having that happy go lucky attitude of like: I'm alive, let's dance] - the upsot being, we will see: we will see what has lived and what has not. I know some of John's chickens passed, so that is sad. We, as a CSA, and all that, I think will go on.

But this brings me to my more bitter notes, which I guess exist and not too much in the mood to suppress them, but think will have them happily contradicted nonetheless, probably by andy jones, head farmer of the ICF, who I think rachel and I are meeting with soon: even before the flood itself occured, the few days leading up to the flood, I thought of a late reply to spencer welton's, of half pint farm, question, "what about west africa?" which I took to mean our relation to it: which I fugured to be this: first we brought the people and NOW were bringing everything else, weather included. without explicating that too much I mean their roads version of democracy, social contracts, overall living style etc. But anywho, directly for the farm I think it means it would be rather hard to think that that 2 or three acres is sustainable in and of itself. It would be one thing if it was part of twelve or something and you could hold it in abeyance till most potential of flood is gone, but it is already beginning to sound like that isn't so possible at the intervale. hopefully the flood 2 will end on a happier note: dance?!?!?


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