Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Pick-ups and other share info

Sorry to say no pictures today. They sure do brighten up things, and I'll take some tomorrow, when I plan to be planting a few more (maybe the rest) of the onions, which have already had such a long journey, seeded first week of march.

But the info some people have been asking me for, and is not easy to find in the archives:

Pick up Locations and Times: Times are 3-7pm on Fridays. The place on the South end is still undetermined. If you are interested in receiving a discount for having your house/apt as the drop off, just give us a call at 881-8125, or email us at the address to you right.

Shares: Full share is $410, and accommodates four, half share is for two people, and costs $250. For more info we have brochures which I can send as an attachment to you or just thru the old mail.

Sorry for those already members and/or anyone who already knows, but a few people asked.

The pictures are coming . . . the pictures are coming


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