Friday, March 17, 2006

a man you don't meet everyday

Yesterday I attempted to apply the plastic sheeting to the cold frame, after seeding the first frame with tatsoi and chrysanthemum greens (shinguku). The soil felt like cold clay, mostly, but I worked it over with my hand and tried to make hospitable beds. Our field is a tundra, no wind break at all, and this morning I let loose my Irish ire when we discovered the plastic billowing and balooning over the frames, not at all the snug blanket I wanted it to be. Frost on top of the frames and a bit on the glass inside.

But truthfully, the soil was still not really frozen (I think the temp dropped to like 8 F last night) and Josh has much hope for the seeds' resilience. The Irish temperament, to despair but grudgingly unflaggingly unthinkingly push forth! (Well they say that about some Semite tribes as well, no?)

Anyhoo, we are happy with the germination of the Napa Cabbages, first succession (all thanks to Ma Daley, who tirelessly seeded in the cold greenhouse with me last Saturday). Onions are all thriving. Birds were cackling and socializing much around the steamy compost piles. All kinds of birds. Crows are really the most innaresting. Ca-CAW!


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