Tuesday, March 14, 2006

O OpenHearters 2

Would you believe part one was erased. It was. That's all I'm saying about it. I've been at Ben and Jerry's the past few weeks, and this has led to not as much posting, but it's all ending this week, so:

There are some benefits, which I'm offering to potential members: the first five get a free pint of Ice Cream from you know who, and anyone who signs up by April 1st will get ten dollars off of their membership. That said, I should be clear re: discussions Rachel and I have had (with her visiting mother at the table), that I view the CSA as a way for rachel and I to grow some exciting things for a group of people likewise excited by them, its not for everyone, at least I don't think this one is, but it is for someone. As we are two people and not any more than that, there are practical limits, but at the same time I hope there will be a group, one that I'm not afraid to see start off small and get bigger slowly, or at whatever pace it chooses. I think though that CSAs can be really beneficial on both sides, especially the one where WE aren't all market driven, ideally there could be a lot of working together only some of which needs to be in the form of dollars (at their best another medium, at their worst a symbol, question mark question mark) --

so, again with the farm news: rachel and her mom planted many things including johnny jump ups (pictured), herbs more onions and what else, more flowers, including asters and I remember now napa cabbage galore. the johnny jump ups are part of our edible line (excuse the corporatism), and it is all, courtesy of rachel and new farm car (courtesy of josh's parents), in the green house at intervale.

we've gotten our potting soil from David Z's overflow, which is nice to have. I also put together two cold frames and have another one on the way this weekend. We got the lights from Recycle North down on Pine, the used building materials section, and some from the Burlington Free Press' Free Section, so they have been reasonably cost effecient. These three frames are to house chrysanthemum, tatsoi, and chinese broccoli for healthy living. Still some work to be done on the seeding there.

All of this with Rachel's mom in town not too shabby. I'll include the restaurant reviews of the places we went with her in O Openhearters three.


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