Tuesday, February 21, 2006

this thing I was forgetting

at the end of the last post I was trying to remember something and it was this: my sister asked me whether it was ok to use plastic bags to scoop her dog's poo, in reference to Rachel's posts about how we hope to use no new plastic bags for packaging of things. If you are thinking about it I think "reduce, reuse, recycle" is a good mantra. It goes in that order. Obviously one has to throw out one's dog's poo. Someone might have an idea for how to do that sanitarily with non-plastic, and they should definitely comment (I dare yet again) but you could also go to the grocery store, many have a plasic bag recycle place as you walk thru the door: take 100 of those or so.

Relatedly, I just started using bar soap for shaving. It's a specially formulated one that is supposed to go in your mug and with a brush you lather up. I've always hated buying those cans that at best u recycle. For whatever reason, I couldnt get out of my frame to figure out how to get rid of those cans until I moved to Vermont and had forgotten mine in New York and was about to shave and . . . so I used some nutragena soap which worked ok, but figured someone must make this old-timey product, and there it was in every store, for a good deal cheaper too. I think it probably saves a good deal of energy not having to construct the can. The ingredients don't seem too all natural, titanium oxide, but I'll check around and surely somewhere in Vermont . .


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