Sunday, February 19, 2006

beets, share prices, soaps & other tidbits

this picture of beets should brighten things up. I thought about a nice tomato one but it seemed almost mean, after all there are still lots of nice beets around, this picture rachel took in the middle of pickling a jar or two.

also brightening things up at our house are some soaps given to us by a friend of rachel, from Adirondack Soapworks. The friend, Scott, is the brother of the soapmaker. The two kinds we got were carrot & calendula, and a peppermint scrub. I used the former and really enjoyed it, not scented except for the little that the essential oils themselves give off. She does make slightly more smelly soaps, but I think stays away from the super-parfum that kinda makes you smell like a potpourri dish. here is the link to the site:

In share news, I'm working on the brochure and in the process firming up those details that pop up when you are trying to give people the details. For instance, the price of a share of vegetables grown at Open heart Farm will cost $410. That share will start the first Friday in June to mid-October. The brochure, which you can email for (the address is, and is always atop the sidebar), will have a full listing of what crops we expect when, and other details. We are still sorting out where exactly the drop off will be, but I think we have a good idea for the time (tho of course open to suggestions): 3pm to 7pm on Fridays.

We are also working on a way to have a soap share with the Adirondack Soapworks and in the next few days may have even a few other add-ons for those who are interested.

I feel like i'm forgetting something. If you are wondering what that share price reflects: beside being the lowest Rachel and I thought we could go and still maintain the OHF as a working entity, the hope is that member will be getting ALOT of veggies. I suppose it must be said that part of the CSA is being part of the risk, but I can say that the seeds have certainly flowed into our house, and it looks like we're planting close to one hundred varieties, including herbs (which we maybe be able to give either dried or fresh). Anyways, I'm sure I'll remember the second I leave, and should there be any questions don't hesitate to comment.


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