Monday, February 13, 2006

Plastic Bags

I'd like to explain an aspect of Open Heart Farm that we haven't really said much on as of yet. I speak for Josh and me both in saying that not only are we interested in creating a space (cyber, geo-political, agri-poetical) that is not only organically rich and diversified (haven to beetles, birds, worms, bats, and bees in addition to docks, nettles, dandelions, pig-, stink-, and jewel-weeds) but is also able to work with what is deemed non-organic and sometimes even as "trash." I consider my exposure to the methods and structure of CityFarm in Providence, RI to have been seminal in my having developed a deeply rooted interest in making use of what's in front of us. CityFarm grosses something like $20,000 a year on less than an acre, using biointensive farming methods and using an approach that is basically scrappy and unorthodox. They grow in bathtubs in old TVs and in broken wheelbarrows.

I should also mention the affinity between CityFarm's methodology and that of Mina Loy, who lived out her last days in a ratty apartment on the Bowery and made sculptures and lampshades out of trash.

To this end, Open Heart Farm is committed to openness to color, brokenness, partialness, half-ness. We aren't partial, we're just open.

Also, Open Heart Farm is committed to never buying plastic bags of any kind. We are committed to re-use and recycling. So, if you decide to become a CSA member, remember this when your goodies come in different shapes and sizes and colors of packaging. We don't think this is a crazy kooky ideal. It's a simple shift of perspective, a little turn of the steering wheel that will save you and us money, and will save some dump-foraging birds and beasts their stomachs.


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