Wednesday, February 22, 2006

secrets of bordersgroupinc

as some may know, I am now a part-time employee of borders here in burlington - of primary concern to the group is customer happiness, loyalty which is generated by way of customer service

the secret to delivery of customer service is constituted by myriad managerial procedures and employee tasks - for example, behind the register (a position which a cashier is not to abandon, physically, which of course translates into a hyperbolic metaphysical drive to "please help the next customer in line") an employee, when asked by a customer the location of a book, must call "customer assistance to the front desk" with a walkie-talking, so that a "seller" can personally escort this customer to the book - to get the book "in hand" -

after about 12 hours behind the register, i have watched several would-be customers, people, shrink and even cringe when that walkie-talkie is pulled out - the would-be customer meekly mumbles, "uh i don't mean to be a bother, i'm sorry to cause so much trouble" - i remember the days before i had penetrated the inner workings of borders how i really DID NOT want someone to come help me, i just wanted a gentle pointer in the right direction

so, hm, what's customer service, for josh and i, in terms of OH? - for now, i think it's just doing what we do - and seeing who and what surfaces in our stacks

also, I hereby resolve to NEVER TELL someone that the lindor balls are only 3 for a dollar



Anonymous Anonymous said...

you've made the horrors clear to me this time rd, it's true

esp the lindor balls, josh

11:46 AM, February 23, 2006  
Anonymous "Joel" on LI said...

Hey dudes, quick question, since the boss has been on vacation,and Nat didn't show because of mother's illness, i'm wondering..if one pours diesel into something on a tractor and it turns out not to have been the feul tank, what has one poured diesel into, and are the ramifications of such a misapplication severe?

10:35 AM, February 24, 2006  

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