Saturday, April 01, 2006

To those who have received Flyers Recently

To Clear up a few details that people who have received the brochure have made evident need to be cleared up:

Method of Share Pick-up: Rachel and I will pack Boxes of vegetables, for instance, one week, an early one, will contain separate boxes of head lettuce, snap peas, radishes, spinach, tot-soi (an Asian green great for stir-frying, napa cabbage and beets. We will Drop off these vegetables at two locations, one in South Burlington, and one in North Burlington. The exact location is not yet decided. One porch could be ours, but we are hoping one lucky member will take advantage of the discount we are offering to he or she who will let the vegetables rest on their porch for a four hours. One of us from OHF will be there often, to talk about what's going on the farm, answer questions you might have, and generally carouse, but if we are not we will also clearly mark each box with amounts that each member should take. For instance, 1 pint of peas, 2 heads of lettuce, eight radishes, a bag of spinach, etc.

Exact Time of Pick-up: This will be between 3pm-7pm on Fridays starting June 9.

Any questions? If so, feel free to comment or write us at the email address at the top left side of your screen.

In other exciting farm news Rachel and I are actually happy to have a break from the sun. Besides not being ready for applying sunscreen everyday, it means the seedlings in the greenhouse don't have to be watched quite as much. We might baby ours a bit too much but after all they are young at this point. (See the pictures Below). We also don't have to go to the cold frames and check on them quite as much, if its cool and cloudy, I'll bring in a picture of them in case you haven't seen one.

Also, Spencer, an employee AND farmer at Intervale helped us "open up" our first 1/3 acre, on which will go many of the things listed above plus some longer season crops such as potatoes and lots of other stuff. Once again, Rachel has told you (in her post below) all the fun stuff and I the workaday tidbits.


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