Saturday, April 01, 2006

Farm Auction Report

Josh and I attended our first farm auction this week, in Orwell,Vermont, a beautiful spot south of Burlington on Lake Champlain. An interesting day, and a beautiful day to walk around on a farm field full of old big-business farming equipment. Things like dumpwagons, grain drills, payloaders, disc harrows, augurs, and then a few antique carpenter's planes and even a 1800s ironing board thrown in to round things out. One interesting older (in his 70s) fellow was making funny hand gestures to the caller and making inappropriate bids (such as, starting with an obscenely low bid - 100 bucks -on a hugely brand new tractor) and bidding in increments of $25. The auction people stopped paying attention to him at some point.

We nearly placed a bid on a nice pick-up. A 1995 chevy S150 I believe, which went for $600. A steal! Quelle dommage!


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