Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Growing from Seed

The sun is shining a bit, finally, and temps seem to be headed towards forty, and I also seeded some chamomile, which is to be done very early, even earlier than I did, but we had some problems with Richter's Herbs that I swear won't occur again. We finally got some replacement herbs from Horizon Herbs (whom I still have to call to find out the germination rates of things (for those who might not know, germ rates indicate what percentage of seed you can expect to actually sprout and become a plant. Lots of rates are around 80-90% but there are definitely funny ones, many herbs included, flowers often are tricky).

I saw one farm at Intervale, I believe Arethusa, growing shallots from seed, something I have never done, and will definitely inquire about. Previously Rachel and I had grown shallots in the same way as garlic, by letting the cloves multiply, or clone themselves. So, for example, from each head of garlic, you get eight new garlics, or something like that. For garlic, growing from seed, would be a two year process, and I will do my best to find out of the same is true for shallots. It never seemed cost effective to grow shallots from bulb/cloves, but seed might be a good option for next year. I think that is my mother's favorite crop.

It has become so sunny here in Burlington that it's best I go check on the cold frames and seedlings in the greenhouse :._) (that's my emoticon for I don't know what)


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