Sunday, April 16, 2006

while working . . . / dollar vs. sense

Today I was "pricing" fruit trees that I had potted up last week at my work at Gardener's Supply. Putting a price tag and the UPC code on all those fruit trees reminded me of some of the apocalyptic talk that I have hears alot of in Vermont since I got hear: what came to mind is "the mark of the beast," which I know is the lore of the more christian minded apocalypse thinking, not the mayans (whom I tend to think of as having the world turn off like a tv show in 2012, much less violently than . . .)

I must admit I'm not so much for, or believing in, the terrible end days, tho I do admit that Rachel and I came here in part cause we wanted to catch what was left of winter. They changed the USDA hardiness map (a little bible to farming folk) to reflect a ten degree rise in temps over the past ten years. That said the idea of peak oil re-assures me: doesn't it mean we will run out of it before the planet gets too hot, and it that way the earth seems self-regulating. (Note: Does nuclear option ruin this balance?). I am adding vermont's peak oil website to the sidebar for easier access.

Pricing every living tree was really reminding me of part of what I like about the CSA structure, every plant doesn't have a price attached to it. We can afford to bring you organic onions and carrots, crops that we could not compete with pricewise in a market system, but that nonetheless make up part of a balanced farm and diet.


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