Friday, April 14, 2006

lots going on 2

I have a feeling that is going to be the theme of many a post for quite a while. Blogger erased one version of this post so here it is again: we are planting fast and furious now, or will be. Onions, potatoes, arugala, beets, chamomile, kale, cauliflower. These are all things on deck in the cold frame. Add parsely to that list. Rachel keeps records so that we can get all our successions of the right things. Soon well be putting carrots in the ground, and seeding winter squash (even tho mice seem to like the seed as a greenhouse treat (we cover the trays til they germinate to stop them)) - out in the field I disked a little new area and redisked all of the old. This is generally called stale bedding: usually referring to letting weed seed germinate and then knocking it down. In this case it was mostly clumps of rye I was hoping to eliminate. You can see from pics in the last post that the rye too is coming on fast and furious (tho it looks much worse from a distance), which is why we will try to cover crop as much as possible in oats next year, which winterkills, leaving the fields nice and clean in the spring, but still holding the soil against erosion. That was fast and furious, huh.

NOTE ON MEMBERSHIP: two notes really. The first is that if you have been considering joining I think now is the time. Not tooting OHF's horn at all. I just think that we are riding a wave which is cresting esp. here in Burlington. People are truly interested in sustainability and as the weather also starts looking nice I am optimistic that our 25 shares will be gone a little after the beginning of the month. The second note is this: if you are considering a full share, or already have purchased one, you may add to the benefit column a potted rosemary plant of your very own to take home at some point in the season. I am going to start the cuttings this weekend, It's one of my favorite herbs (though you might hear me say that about 20 or so herbs)


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