Monday, May 08, 2006

Point 5

Thank you Donna, is point five: While her and Tom Daley, Rachel's father, were in town she picked it up a notch, and we re-potted ALL of our eggplant, and lots of our herbs, which we will be selling as windowsill herbs at the markets.

Additionally, we sold our first half case (I guess another allusion to the title .5) to healthy living, a local supermarket that really prides itself on getting whatever it can locally. They are certainly being patient and nice with Rachel and I, given that many factors, unanticipated or understood in our first year, have made production a little slower: like can you believe when we wake up it is still 36 degrees. I'm not complaining, I swear, just learning. As per the last post, I will say, rachel is getting better and it is a joy in many ways to be working with her again. But enough sap!


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