Tuesday, May 30, 2006


You wouldn't believe there was a flood at Open Heart a few weeks ago!

Amazing stuff!

We've all had the pleasure of a taste of summer this week and boy are the tomatoes happy. Today I planted out about 140 eggplant plants (oh! Miss Bono would have a tizzy over that last phrase!...ah the necessary redundancies of farm work...), Josh put the basil out last week - Geneovese AND Thai. The peas are continuing their climb, the violas are raging, and we've been seeding like mad all the greens, roots, and flowers the fields can handle.

Well actually there's lots more space out there, and that's good! Next up is melons, peppers galore, more cucumbers (there really IS a striped cucumber beetle, we've found) and winter squash (yes, that's right! for winter!)

ah, and then the ever elusive Romanesco...with a whopping 120 days to maturity it will be our most pampered brassica - but, the rewards to come are mind-boggling!

Wow maybe I'm being a little too enthusiastic - just glad to be out there with a hoe in hand countering the club moss and coaxing the snails towards the ponds that remain...


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