Friday, June 02, 2006

here is skippy (whom if you don't know, is our cat), adoring my hreb dehydrator. In this pic it has catnip and a little chamomile in it, and he has already gone crazy for an hour or so. I'm hoping to make some herbal teas which will be available to members and maybe others, depends how it goes, other herbs that will be used: horehound, echinacea, and mint, probably one or two i'm forgetting

Rotate your head for next two: they are the lettuce you will soon be eating and me hoeing the potatoes, which you will much later be eating. I'm not done hoeing them tho, as this was the day severe thunderstorms broke out. But later today I hope to make some more progress, - before our first farmer happy hour, there may be gossip if we don't all fall asleep by nine.


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