Sunday, June 25, 2006

potatos and blogs

a few people asked me at the last pick up whether we will have potatoes, and the answer is happily yes! the potaotoes are growing, into big bushes. we have two types of potatoes this year: red gold, which is an early favorite. and a later variety called carolla. a denser yellow. Rachel and I took care of a few acres of potatoes each year at Quail hill, usually planting about 15 or more varieties, and it was based on the taste testing there that we chose this years varieties.

on a different note, blogs: a friend of mine (from way way back let's just say) has a very interesting blog, one that for me really shows the power of blogs to provide a perspective, to provide it to you the reader, it's really like entering a different world. Amardeep Singh's blog focuses alot on religion and secularism especially with regards to Indian life and politics and the Indian diaspora, but certainly not limited to that. So here's the link to that world:


Blogger Amardeep said...

Hey, bro. I found you because, like many bloggers, I obsessively check who is linking to me on

Congratulations on the farm and the growing crops (this is near Burlington, right? not EH NY, it sounds like). I hope everything came back after the water left (you mentioned the flood, but then you stopped mentioning it).

We still hope to come visit some time to taste the pesto, though now you are somewhat further away.

6:02 PM, June 26, 2006  
Blogger Josh May said...

whoa that was quick, i had no idea there were such immediate or possible searches for regular folk, more proof of the pc's power in your hands. the flood is a recurring theme this year, so read on . . .

6:57 AM, June 28, 2006  

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