Sunday, June 18, 2006

Summer: T minus 3 days

Rachel and I were out working on the tomatoes (I hoeing, rachel pruning) today, it was actually quite nice, with the breeze, after we rewarded ourselves with strawberries from adams berries which is right next to our farm. He has twenty varieties of strawberries, we were picking two of the early ones. We at Open heart don't have berries (maybe a few of our first raspberries will be available), but we encourage you to visit adams pick your own if you have time, and then stop by and see where we produce your veggies, rachels and my schedule is erratic, but there is definitely a decent chance we will be there.

Everything has really started growing in the past few days: Rachel and I had our first pesto, something I might have mentioned is an addiction. Don't be jealous, there must be some perks to farming, and one of them is that when you pinch the tops of our hundred or so little basils, you get pesto. Pinching was done so as to make the plant bushier, ie more basil for all. We have a great vegan basil recipe we will hand out when the time comes, good for any lactose-intolerant among us.

We also finally biked beyond our farm, post berry gorge. It was quite a fun ride, really relaxing. Adam, I should mention, gives a ten percent discount to those who arrive on alternative transportation.


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