Saturday, August 19, 2006


you know it's august when in a few blinks of an eye a few weeks are gone* - In my family two birthdays occurred, we ate our first watermelons and a little melon known as sweetie number six, I think it was in this period our members got their first potatoes, the fall variety quick on its heels.

The vermont season seems to really run, I think all the seeding we've done in the past two or three weeks is going to continue ye olde fall bounty. Lots of asian greens, back to the lettuce (which the intense heat made us take a break on), turnips, radishes, even an another attempt at spinach, I mean does anyone remember our first attempt which got the flood.

We just made it thru Shelburne day: it actually wasn't too hard on us, except all the vendors started trading and giving away foods in a fit of fete, so many ice creams brownies and fried foods eaten, no funnel cake.

Rachel and I are actually off to a Intervale disaster relief benefit, more to be social than to shore up the disaster fund. Gotta party for your right to fight!

*see last picture section, even the gone graffitti is gone, o poetic irony


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