Thursday, July 27, 2006

no war on frogs

"the frogs" is a funny play by an ancient - it's also what josh and i have all throughout our field!

anyone wanting to visit the farm will notice immediately that our field doesn't look like most other farm fields - that's because the field is ours!

really it's because when we started open heart farm, we were and are still interested in the farm itself being a dynamic place where we can try new things out, shift crops regularly (we seed new beds every week and often with more regularity), and make the place itself interesting and of course diverse

it has been the diversity of our farm that allowed us to keep producing food for ourselves, our farm members, and others even after 2 significant and 1 lesser flood

our field is like a patchwork! - not just five or six straight lines

this has also resulted in us having many many frogs!

they live under the shade of big plaintain leaves and among accidental mushrooms and mulches - they flee from our footsteps as we walk up a path!

we woke this morning to a BBC report that Israel has interpreted the outcome of the international meeting about lebanon/hezbollah as a green light for them to wipe out hezbollah - we are trying to keep from mixing politics overly here, but war is war, and if you can't come out and say you don't want it, you're asking for it - we've both been rather sickened by everything American representatives say and do (with some more groovy exceptions, especially here in vermont) over the past oh i don't know 7 years

congress spent time this week trying to formally ask one of its members to take back what he said when he said he thought israel was a bully! just like schoolchildren!

"take back what you said about my science project!"

we don't take shelter in the farm - we don't go there to hide from the boobs - but anyone who wants to visit is welcome! (and pick some blueberries next door at Adam's)


Blogger ~s said...

i miss the farm and all the frogs!

4:08 PM, July 27, 2006  

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