Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Uh, full circle

Atop might be an older market picture, then a very recent winter squash blossom, very good composition, by rachel. Our winter squash has been part of the flooded cucurbits (drama). The "gone" tag, as I think it's still called, I liked cause it managed to get the devil, angel and king symbols in there. Also like the idea of it being like, "that cat is so gone" - though now after having just seen scoop, the new woody allen pic (one thumbs up pne down) - I also like it for a word for dead with all those symbols. And then well talk about gone, this last pic is one of the Abare house, what had been a part of the historical Intervale, more recently refuge to the less homed, now pile of weeds, certainly home to snakes and other diversities (the more so as it re-turns into forest.


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