Thursday, November 02, 2006


this week has been mostly clean-up and planting the garlic rachel metioned a post or two ago. I have been searching around town for leaves, fairly successfully, since to mulch the garlic which we have planted, 13 lbs, we only need about 20 bags, which new england trees have no problem producing.

also processed some of our saved seed for next year: the gilfeather turnip. someone at the new north end market gave us a bunch (100) of seeds, some still in the pod, so I let them dry a bit on the shelf: put them away yesterday. This particular turnip, I looked up on google, and it says very good for vermont conditions. Looks alot like the rutabega that we grow, I wonder how many very similar looking things people want to differentiate. Still, we shall plant it. That and the Oaxaca tomato which did very well last year.

We had the farmer clean up yesterday which includedgetting ready our cold-frames.

Me too, I'm personally having a cleansing message. Something I like to do after every season, at least for the last two or three years. This year I'm doing at the Aryuvedic center of Vermont in Williston. That's a plug.


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