Friday, November 10, 2006

Wherein Josh Bites the Pie That Feeds Him

sure, a bit of kvetching post-season: So, I was in a meeting with the other farmers of the intervale and saw there, on the table the 2005 Annual report, which was in brochure form, and they give you the what they take in, and the what goes out, dinero-wise, break down. And I noticed the farmer program is one of the few that doesn't look like it fares well. Oh, well we all know the farming doesn't pay (the bills). Ah, but it does, and it's all the more peculiar when such an org couldn't show it more truthfully. Admin apperently (and as we all know) is where the bones is at. Report-wise, it's confusing (and if you understand it this is what the cmments section of a blog is for), or at least I feel the public should know (tout clair) that we farmers actually pay into those admin revenues. I think $350 a piece, but probably actually more for non-incubator farms. This though is a small part of what irks me about the prominence of the dollar pie chart: Without the farms farming there would be no photos, there would be no grants, probably no healthy city or conservatory nursery since I doubt they would maintain greenhouse and tractors and stuff alone, and certainly not lucrative business of consulting (even one better than admin), based pretty much on the prestige of, you guessed it, the farming program, wherein you tell others how to get said farming integrated into nonprof grant world. Which is not kvetching, but just to say that we may not be the financial burden the pie makes us out to be. Um, it's also not to say that I don't like pie, cause I do.


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