Sunday, November 12, 2006

Thanks to Hainses for Truck

First off, I would like to thank Shana and Seth Haines, who I've probably thanked more than once before in the course of this blogs life. This time it is for a toyota truck that is going to rock open heart's world. I've driven it around a few times already and besides the fun I'm anticipating next season, it's definitely going to save the suburu's hide. The tape player works and it can hold lots of totes of food and is manual transmission to boot, it's tan in color, but fear not, as we knew you were, there will be a picture of it soon.

and if I haven't talked about garlic enough yet: Could be cause at quail hill we planted somthing like 500 pounds of it, so our little muched row (yeah for leaf mulch!) seemed pretty easy, and is comprised of about 15 lbs of about five or six seed sources, as I might have already said; some from the grocery store, two from farms 10 miles either north or south of us. Even the stuff I bought at the store was all Vermont. With seed local is just as important as with the veggies themselves, for one simple reason that you know if it grew in this climate once it can do it again. That plus all the other good ones.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Josh and Rachel-
We feel famous for being mentioned on your blog. It's a neat thing that you've got going, so real and tangible. We ate at Maria's the other night with the gift certificaye that you gave us. Its a weird place. he fod was delicious, and Seth has proclaimed it to be his new favorite restaurant in Portland. Thank you for introducing us to it... What are our plans fr New year's?
Happy holidays-
S and S

12:57 PM, December 22, 2006  

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