Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The End of June Report

I've totally got to put some pics up here of the farm, but for those in Burlington this lack should be inspiration to come check it out in non-virtual person. It's so hot I think my fingers are sweating from typing this, but I thought you all (all sounds like theres alot of people reading this) would enjoy hearing whats going on on the Farm.

Alot of Hand-weeding has been done n the past few weeks, mostly courtesy of our working members, who come for four hours a week and give us a much needed boost, not only of weeding, but of the outside world. We have been slowl transitioning out of handweeding into hoe-ing, which is a good sign, it takes less time and you get to be upright, which as a taller person, I appreciate. Maybe everyone does.

Also transitioning into harvesting more: as time goes on this will end up being THE major job of our working members, and of the other help we are getting (from a new healthy city program, and just personal friends donating their time and kids time). Things like peas and beans take lots of time to pick if your just one person. Even this week the Garlic scapes were brought to CSA members by Rebeccas Bonnici and Rimmel.

Anyway, I'll end by saying its been a lot more weedy this year, but we've also had more time to devote to weeding. One reason for the increased weed pressure is letting alot go to seed last year, learned that lesson. Thought I will surely blame outside factors at length if you want to hear them too.

A good not too sweaty night to you all.


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