Saturday, January 19, 2008

A Fine Tree

so, we have finished the seed order and some have even begun arriving. As promised I got some fun things, couldn't resist. I tried to make sure that we got lots (more) of the things that worked - and we did - but we definitely have some things that will be interesting for us out in the field. Well, I should preface by saying it's not just weird things that we like, but also just ones we haven't done in awhile, like acorn squash. It's a favorite of all and has higher yield than alot of squashes we have done in the past. We are still doing sweet dumpling and butternut but also added a buttercup, which is another classic I think people will like and Rachel and I will enjoy seeing again. By the time we got to watermelon (I order alphabetically using Johnny's (which I just learned is owned by Monsanto (Rachel is reading the Barbara Kingslover Book))) I went a little bonkers. I got the standards, but even those haven't been that great for us, in large part because something about the timing in the season has led to lots of weeds, but giving us even another leg up this year is golden midget. Shown here, It not only ripens quick, it also turns this golden color when ripe which takes out some of the guesswork (not that we mind the guess work it is just that we eat half of our melons in the process. It is hard to believe it will ever be warm enough for watermelons, but I guess I can believe it if I think of scallions and onions, which will be starting in about a month, so possibly still snow on the ground.

I am adding a link to epicurious dot com on the side bar. It seems like the most helpful of sites, or at least a good place to start. I also have an unlikely cookbook to recommend. It is Rodale's cookbook, might have some other prts of the name if you are looking up but it is a very good one for whole grainy foods and healthy versions of non healthy things and fun desert ideas that aren't necessarily made of chocolate (they exist!). The recipes are basic compared to some of our other cookbooks but sometimes you don't want to do twenty steps or crush and bake your spices before getting to the rest of the recipe.

This is a poster Rachel made for Ciaran and put about our bed. Trying to stimulate him via shiny things, but I'm putting the picture up cause I just think its wonderful, the crinkles in the paper and the lettering and "A Fine Tree," which reminds me, I am planting a few pear trees this year. Someone suggested digging a whole throwing the placenta in and planting a tree over it, nutrients spirit and such. When they (forget who) suggested it I didn't think much of it but then when it was there (in our apartment) I didn't feel like throwing it away so now it's in our freezer and will eventually be in our field and feed at least one of the trees.


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