Thursday, February 21, 2008

A busy but Fun Year

I am getting a feel for this year already, call it a vibe if you will: Busy but fun, sleepless nites aren't even that bad when you wake up to Ciaran and a sunny day (which we occasionally have in Vermont). Believe it or not, we will begin seeding in about two weeks, with the onions. I've just been plotting out the first month of Greenhouse work in the Stella Natura Calendar, which as I mention every year, plays a big part especially in the first few months of the season. Besides being an organizer (which I am always sorely in need of) it guides you easily into planting with the lunar cycles, one of the Biodynamic practices that we practice, and probably actually the most cross culturally accepted around the world as a real helper to your little seedlings.

Busy but fun winter dreams to everyone for next few weeks, despite what the groundhog says, I'm betting my next blog entry comes from mud season . . .


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