Friday, January 25, 2008

It Was Two Years Ago Today . . .

It might not have been today exactly, but close. We started the blog, after having moved into town a few weeks earlier, to see if we could connect with people electronically. I have alwoays been surprised how well it has worked, people who aren't my relatives say "I read about that in your blog," and while I like the stardom, it's mostly felt like writing in a journal, which is I guess always a useful way to define some of one's ideas. Well, one of the first blog entries was about shaving soap the old fashioned way. It's not that I love old fashioned things (though I do love that tune especially by Chet Baker), but the thought of all that energy going into the making and recycling (if we are lucky) of all those cans (I wonder about the energy of pressurizing them as well)) always bothered me, then I stumbled upon some soap that fit in a much that was formulated to lather with shaving, and it was cheap, and I bought it. It turned out, that brand, Williams mug soap I think, was the same one my grandfather used and sold in his five and dime in WIlmington, NC. I have nothing against that kind, but now two years later I found one that I think works (shavewise) and smells alot better: Herban Cowboy. How many cars would be taken off the road (standard measure?) if American men who shave used this stuff? Mindboggling, plus, like I said, it's cheaper and has many more servings of shave than the cans.

Enough product placement, I've doing gradual amounts of farm work like sending out brochures to members, who get a chance at a early bird discount, and now I am beginning my general distribution. Then there are reports for intervale and taxes. Not always the fun stuff, but kind of interesting and revealing about what worked and didn't work in the overall business.

Rachel made me promise to put a few shots of Ciaran up, so:


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