Wednesday, June 04, 2008


so it's been awhile. after we capped our membership, I realized it was time to do double time on planting: we got in the tomatoes wintersquash first round of cukes and summer squash eggplant peppers (sweet) and direct seeded alot and hoed practically the whole field once. Who is this we, Hannah and I. Hannah started at the tail end of May (and so actually want there for all of the aforementioned). Without Rachel I was just about at my wits end, both mentally (talking to self out in field alot) and work-wise. I won't say I'm totally sane now but we are on top of the work: I can make it official, we will have parnips this year! yeah for parsnips, as we spent the afternoon thinning them we figured our 200 foot bed is holding about 1600 parsnips, and it is definitely well composted so we will see what happens. Little side note: did you know parsnips have a phitotoxic (sp) chemical that reacts with the sun, so that when you are touching the leaves its best to wear gloves or else you'll end up with blistery hands, something which would be a real drag on the rest of your farm season. yes, it happened to me. well, eventually i will get a picture of hannah and some of the field up here.

we have already had some members come out to the field and the first flowers are starting to appear, and we have lots of herbs in the herb circle, so i encourage all farm members to come down (sorry burlington, it may not be enough for everyone)

i should also mention that we have two working share member who have stated helping: it is a grace de them that the herb circle is functioning at all, and that our peas are up and running, which I assure you they are.


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