Thursday, June 12, 2008

Week One CSA

The first week of our CSA went off pretty well, two nice days for delivery, and I really enjoyed our new south end location: in front of champlain elementary. Always nice meeting new members and seeing old ones again, returning I should say.

One small problem was the deer eating alot of head lettuce, hence why the north side got lettuce greens. It won't take too many events like that to convince me to buy a deer fence, I swear.

This week we also had a close call with our baby eggplant and peppers, theylike heat but I think a few days of ninety and no water was more than they were bargaining for, once I saw them on monday it was off to the plumbing supply store to get the parts to fix the irrigation and then got the plants back on track the next day.

Our working members have thinned the next two bunches of carrots for us all, so thanks for that. looks like a few nice days ahead, perhaps even some needed rain right on schedule, after suaturday market.


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