Saturday, March 28, 2009

Spring Rain

I know blogs are supposed to have pictures, but in the spirit of the prologues in King Henry 5, let my words paint the pictures (and, because I have temporarily (hopefully) misplaced my camera): the first picture is a wet shimmering dark street, the shimmers are neon signs on the glistening on North Street, taken from our apartment during the first Spring Rain. Now when I go down to the Intervale to water plants, or to the parks with Ciaran, I see litile sprigs of green grass, as opposed to the snow of a month ago, and the straight brown of 2 weeks. I think its going to cool down a little, but this warmth is making me think i should be tractoring and mulching our new asparagus beds.

The second picture was of some found objects in the greenhouse, where I spend most of my farming hours right now: three or four dried yellow and red peppers. not perfectly dried. but I had just left them on the table over the winter. two kinds, the long red cayenne and the ho chi minh. definitely inspired me to more intentionally dry this year. It kind of strikes me that the theme of this season might be intentionality. Last year we kind of sailed through the season by our lucky or graced seat pants. I feel like its going to be more planned and effective work this year that really pays off, But as they say in the Ivory Coast: on va voir.

Well, I bet now your hoping I find my camera as much as I, for I'm no Shakespeare with the images, which, when I find my camera I will stick up, and you'll go wow!

Important CSA news: we are filling up steadily. If you are interested I would think of the next two or three weeks as a very good time to sign up, see a link to our brochure below.


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