Saturday, May 09, 2009

Farm Share

Wanted to say a brief word about NOFA's Farm Share Program, since this is the second year running they have supported us in helping someone who couldn't otherwise afford it, get vegetables from our farm. Um, I've basically explained the whole gist of the program. It's not complicated, just great. They even keep a little bank of donations made by our farm members to go directly to other people who want to become our farm members, then NOFA has paid the difference that cannot be met. Just one of the programs they organize, and if you haven't checked out their site, they organize lots of programs, for farmers, gardeners, and eaters of Organic food. Every year they also hepl organize small farms like ours into a bulk order to make thinks like chicken manure and cover crops more affordable.

OUR ROAD IS MUCH BETTER!!! - I also wanted to get that out there. I know this has been a deterent for people wanting to cut flowers, so I am excited that the ride will be less bumpy, and that it may help the farm be a more open space for everyone. We have already planted two beds of flowers, including tons of Zinnias and Sun-Flowers, cosmos, bachelor buttons, and more. I also am planning a little kids garden with husk cherries, a delicious little fruit each wrapped in its own paper lantern, so . . .


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